About Us

Atom is the home of your premium gifts and products. We give our customers the diversity to choose from Stationery products, leather products, accessories, and technological products

Atom علامة تجارية تابعه ل شركة Platinum لتجارة المواد الدعائية

رقم التسجيل الضريبي : 684-700-697



Top Leading Company in Gift sets and products in the MENA region



To add value for every product to become usable, personalized, and unique. Through an easy process of ordering, receiving, and supporting.



  1. Innovative, creative, and smart products.
  2. Elegant, unique products and packages.
  3. Reasonable price, but the highest quality.
  4. Few days to receive your order.
  5. Customer care team to help you at any time.